160 attend Quality Assurance Training – Ohio Farm Bureau

Jackson-Vinton Farm Bureau held a Quality Assurance Training meeting with 160 4-H, FFA students and parents attending. Partners on the event were OSU Extension- Jackson County, Jackson Ag Service, Nationwide Select Partner- Virgil Hamilton Insurance, and Show FresH20. Special thanks to Maddie Allman, OSU Extension 4-H Educator for training the Farm Bureau volunteers and leading … Read more

Next steps with the Boeing 737-9 MAX and aircraft quality assurance – Alaska Airlines News

Alaska Airlines began preliminary inspections this weekend on a group of our 737-9 MAX aircraft. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is requiring more data from Boeing before approving the manufacturer’s proposed inspection and maintenance instructions that will be used to conduct final inspections on all 737-9 MAX and safely return the planes to service. Up … Read more

Quality Assurance, Errors, and AI – O’Reilly

A recent article in Fast Company makes the claim “Thanks to AI, the Coder is no longer King. All Hail the QA Engineer.” It’s worth reading, and its argument is probably correct. Generative AI will be used to create more and more software; AI makes mistakes and it’s difficult to foresee a future in which … Read more

A QA Haiku: There is Quality. There is Assurance too. Both together here. | Article | The United States Army

At any given time in West Maui, more than 50 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers professionals are working to ensure the highest quality of work its contractors perform. Quality assurance inspectors and supervisors accompany contracted debris cleanup crews throughout Lahaina, Hawaii, impacted by wildfires on Aug. 8, 2023. These team members are the conduit between … Read more

How Important is Quality Assurance in the Era of AI-Generated Content?

Quality assurance is a crucial aspect of content creation, regardless of whether it is traditionally written or AI-generated. The importance of quality assurance in AI-generated content cannot be overstated, as the output of AI technologies is directly proportional to the quality of the data used for training. This means that if poor quality data is … Read more

Interra Systems boosts quality assurance at 2024 Media Production & Technology Show – NewscastStudio

Monumental Sports Network opens broadcast facility, studios in heart of Washington, D.C. First look: CBC releases Olympics design that blends art deco, Canadian-inspired elements Ross Video adds to graphics portfolio acquiring Bannister Lake Software MSNBC adds virtual extended reality courtroom for audio-only SCOTUS coverage Brainstorm, AccuWeather announce upcoming new generation of 3D weather tools Stephen … Read more

Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance offers certification in the Panhandle | TheFencePost.com

Nebraska Extension and Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance will offer Beef Quality Assurance and Beef Quality Assurance Transportation Certification throughout the Panhandle. Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance will present the latest on the BQA and BQA Transportation programs and certifying/recertifying producers in BQA and BQAT. The BQA and BQAT programs educate beef producers and transporters on animal … Read more

WHO launches Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance guidelines, 10th edition

The 10th edition of the Quality assurance of pharmaceuticals: a compendium of guidelines and related materials is an essential resource for the global healthcare community, designed to strengthen pharmaceutical standards worldwide. The compendium, developed for national regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and procurement agencies, is instrumental in upholding the globally acceptable standards of good … Read more